What is a Tri-glide Slides

What is a Tri-glide Slides ?

Tri-glide slides is a kind of multifunctional and adjustable buckle (also called webbing slide forming a rectangle with a bar in the middle—there are thus two separate openings)that is used in many craft applications like belts, dog collars and leashes, horse harness and clothing .  Most adjusters hardware carry an assortment of size to match different strap length .(size Range: 12/15/20/25/32/38/50mm).

Metal Tri-glide

Tri-glide Slides are most often die-casting from zinc alloy material or iron steel material with its competitive price and shiny surface, used as a way to make quick size adjustments to strap goods like dog collars and belts. It helps the dog owner to make a suitable straps size easily and quick release in time if necessary .

Metal Tri-glide

metal  tri-glide slides feature a sturdy structure featuring a corrosion-resistant with various colors coating.  you can easily adjust the length and get your bag straps with a product designed for frequent use. The electroplating colors are are 140℃ and durable , even the buckles are moved up and down all times the shiny colors are still remains.Each tri-glide slide is compatible with polyester, canvas, hook and loop, nylon and polypropylene.

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