Types of bag accessories

Do you need to buy a lot of metal accessories? Does your beautiful bag have no snap hooks or bag locks? Do you know where to buy cheap and beautiful bag accessories?

OUDI HARDWARE is a company with more than 15 years of experience and a professional design team. If you need to buy a lot of bag accessories, then we will not let you down.

Our products are mainly bag parts, including snap hooks, turn locks, magnetic fasteners, rivets, etc.

1. Snap hook: suitable for pet leashes and collars, pet slings, wallet straps, backpack straps, etc.

2. Rotary lock: used for ladies’ bags, messenger bags, wallets.

3. Magnetic buckle: The magnetic buckle is generally a brass shell with a powerful magnet inside, with strength from N32-N52, and a small circular design. Just hang it on a bag or clothes to have a buckle function.

4. Rivets: Rivets are usually used for custom branding or logos, wallets, or craft DIY. It is suitable for decoration.

We generally only accept large quantities of wholesale products, but for the first order, we can accept a lower MOQ, you only need to pay the freight, and we can provide you with samples for free. Not only that, but we can also design products according to your individual needs. If you need a unique accessory, but don’t know how to design it, that’s okay. You can ask us and our designers will design the products you want for free. We are at your service online 24/7 and look forward to your contact.

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