Types and uses of Snap Hook

Snap Hooks: Snap Hooks can be used to connect the ropes, or cord with other components. These can be found on the ends of rope or cord to make it connectable like a lanyard medallion or barrier post. It is a close loop that contains an opening that can be operated by the thumb, it can be connected to anything with a hook. 

Uses of Snap Hooks

Our spring hooks are made of aluminum, which is lightweight and rust-resistant. It has good stretchability, is light but still very strong. It is widely used in pet leashes and collars, pet slings, wallet straps, backpack straps, etc. Different metal colors can be matched with various ropes and fabrics, which are fashionable and popular with young people.

Types of Snap Hook

Based on their function, there are different types of snap hooks ranging from bolt snap hooks to ring eye style snap hooks. Bolt snap contains a spring-loaded shaft, pushed up to open the loop. The strap-style eye has a straight top edge that supports wider straps. 

The rigid snap hook doesn’t allow strap twisting and bend loop. Unlike Swivel Hooks that love 360 degrees, they do not move and don’t allow strips to twist. 

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