Professional Die-casting Mold For Metal Bag Hardware

Metal bag hardware producing usually use punching mould(for iron material ) , CNC machining(aluminum or stainless stee material ) and injection molding /die-casting mould( for zinc alloy material ) for the metal industry . And most of the metal bag hardware are made of zinc alloy for its anti-rust and Cost-effective . Oudi hardware has its own mould design team and focus on Rearch &Development  more than 15 years , always offers you the right solution to carry out your customization efficiently.

metal bag label

Oudi hardware Use high density steel material for the mould  which is thermostability , We set the procedure on computer and engrave the mould one time , the finished mould are with sharp corner and durablility . A good mould is quite important for high end products .

metal bag label

The surface treatments of zinc alloy die casting products are less expensive than aluminum or stainless steel  and you can plated multi colors to match your fabric . From chrome, silver ,gold to shiny and beautiful colors like rainbow ,24K gold , glitter colors and so on , zinc alloy is versatile and are getting more and more pupular and widely application on metal industry.

metal bag label

Oudi’s advanced equipment and distinctive skills allow us to produce various types of zinc alloy  die cast parts, like metal bag label metal swivel snap hook ,metal chains , metal buckles ,metal puller and slider and so on . From Small easy design item to Big complex fabrication. They can be used in a great variety of product areas like bag manufacturer ,pet lead and dog leashes , clothing accessories and so on .

As an experienced manufacturer for zinc alloy fitings ,we understand that zinc casting offers a wide range of benefits :

thermostability : melting point between 485-550℃ allows the material hard and durable

-fast moulding : 7-10 days moulding time , wide application for many items .

cost-effective: price are slightly price than iron but just half price of aluminum and stainless steel , with its competitive price and  anti -rust .

-multi surface treatments : can be plated with all different colors , CMYK are acceptable

-100% recycle

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