Multi-Choice Metal Zipper Puller

There’re multi-choice for metal zipper pullers in the market! Its diversity is manifested in shape! Zipper puller can be custom many kind of shapes, like rectangle、round、heart-shaped、star and butterfly shapes etc! Also, you can custom your lovely logo on it so that people can remember your brand easily which hlep to improve your brand’s popularity!

Metal Zipper Puller

Our zipper pullers are made of zinc alloy material,hard enough、 rust-resistant and durable electroplating on surface, without bubbles and not easy to fade color!

Zipper pullers usually match with two kinds of heads, you can see below picture, different heads different usage! The one with round top is used on metal zippers! Another one with pointed top is used on nylon zippers!

Zipper pullers are widely used on bags、cloth、pants、luggage、shoes etc!

Multi-colors are available!

Metal Zipper Head

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