Metal Zipper End And Cord End

Metal zipper end or metal cord end caps are designed to be used on zippers or bag straps with a beautiful looking. They are high quality with a professional textured finish .A zipper end  an be added to the ends of nylon zippers or metal teeth zippers instead of sewing fabric zipper tabs which can be quite trouble!

Those Zipper ends are made of Die-casting mould with high polishing and export standard electroplating , they can be various colors like gunmetal ,nickel ,gold ,rainbow ,brass and so on . Colors can stay for long time without fading problem and washable are acceptable . They are very easy to be installed. Just fold the ends of the zipper and insert to the zipper end inside ,then screw it and fix .

If you are using a wide zipper, it might have a very large end stop, sometimes that needs to be cut off to fit, or the wider zipper tapes need to be trimmed a bit.

Metal cord end has a wide variety of designs and shapes for reference . size from 5mm/7mm/9mm/10mm/12mm /15mm and all customized size are available.They can be applicated  on bags , rope and drawstrings ,and all kinds clothes and purse .We can provide all kinds of cord end to match your craft and match the right colors .

Metal Zipper End

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