How to make luggage hardware accessories

Luggage hardware accessories can be classified according to material, appearance, color, specification roughly

1.If it is a new product, the first thing is to make molds, the production of molds is very key, manufacturers should know how to make molds, a good factory, good salesman can save you a lot of time.

2.Die casting products. Put the finished mold on the die casting machine to die casting products.Die casting machine tonnage, ordinary luggage hardware accessories are generally used in 25 tonnage die casting machine.Die casting machine to make good products is also very skilled, to control the pressure, the pressure is too large, the product will have a lot of burrs, such as the metal ring as follow photo. If the pressure is too small, the surface of the product will appear potholes, the surface of the product will not be smooth and uneven, so the master must control the machine to play a good product!

Metal square ring

3.Polishing, this is the most important part of the production process of luggage hardware accessories, like women’s jewelry, shiny and smooth because of the highly polished.

4.Electroplating. First wash the impurities in the product area with sulfuric acid, then give the product a layer of bronze base, the thicker the base, the better, and then put it into the electroplating cylinder, electroplating time should not be too short. Our A grade good electroplating is about 0.1mm of electroplating thickness, need about 1 hour to electroplating, if you need better, we can make about 0.12mm of electroplating thickness. The thicker the plating, it is not easy to show the bottom color after scraping, the color is more beautiful, but also according to the product characteristics, can not blindly pursue.

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