How to choose type of custom logo?

When making products, we often need to customize the logo.Customizing the logo can enhance the quality of the product and enhance brand awareness.At present, there are many ways to customize LOGO, how to choose is a problem, the following help you to know:

1.Open a mould
Can customized almost all logo and design, suit for large logo or new creative design . Need mould fee, and need about 15days to finish the mould.If your purchase is large, open a mould is a good choice.
2.Normal laser logo.
Similar to silk printing, but normal laser logo will not fade,  The cost is cheapest, suit for every item.
Normal laser logo.

3.Deep laser logo.

The logo effect is similar to open a mould, can add laser logo in stock item also, is very convenient. But the logo fee is more expensive than normal laser logo. Can use it for snap hook, buckle, rivet etc.
Deep laser logo.

4.Stamping logo
Need mould fee also, There are product restrictions, suitable for flat products. The time required is relatively short.

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