How to choose color for metal fitting like bags pets and clothing hardware?

How to choose color for metal fitting like bags pets and clothing hardware?

There’re so many different colors can be choosed for hardware, sometimes make customers confused, as too many choices on color swathces and most of them are similar ones!

For bags hardware usually color should be matched with accessories on the products! For example,  Rivets use light gold color, then buckles or rings it’d better to use light gold color too! It make your products looks unified! On bags, most customers choosed Nickle 、Gold、Gun Metal、Matt Black 、Antique Brass and OEB etc!

For clothing hardware, color usually should be matched with your cloth style and color! So its color is wide range!

For pets hardware, colorful colors are most pupular now! For example, No.28 Colourful Gold on our color swatch is hot sale now!

Let’s to inctroduce our color swatch!

No.08 Nickle and No.01~04 Light Gold color is economic colors but elegant colors, most customers choose them for bags、 pets、 clothes and shoes etc!

No.20 Goledn、No.22 18K Gold and No.23 24K Gold are the most expensive ones, it contain a very small amount of real gold, usually used on high end products!

No.19 Silver is similar with No.Nickle and No.09 Steel color, Nickle looks shiny and cheaper price, Steel looks more white than Nickle, and Silver looks high end but more expensive than these two colors!

No.10 Dark Gun Metal and No.11 Light Gun Metal, these two colors also used by customers oftened!

No.28 Colourful Gold is the most popular color for pets right now! It’s vacuum plating and very durable!

Below colors we don’t promote to you!

No.34 Electrophoretic Matt and No.35 Electrophoretic Bright, these two colors are electrophoretic craft, it’s painting will be peel off after sometime used! Especially for pet buckles and snap hook,we don’t suggest you choose these two colors!

No.36~No.45, these colors are paint spraying craft, the painting are not durable so we don’t suggest you choose them!

The bottom row on right page is Electroplating Dazzle Color, they’re colorful and charming, but not durable, it’s surface painting will be peel off after sometime used, we don’t suggest use on pets hardware!

Besides these colors , all are durable colors! It’s mainly because different craft and price, then different effect!

Our colors are dry at more than 140 degree, which are durable ,without bubbles and scratches!

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