Different Types Of Side Release Buckle

There’re a variety of Metal Side Release Buckle, it also called Quick Release Buckle!
Material: Zinc Alloy. Buckles are made of high grade zinc alloy material, which is hard enough and rust-resistant!
Plate: Buckles are drying at more than 140 degree temperature , which make its surface electroplating more durable, without bubbles and scratches.
Size: Regular size of this kind of buckle is 15mm/20mm/25mm/32mm/38/48mm etc. It’s the best choice for premium products!

Metal Side Release Buckle

Logo: Can be do engraved logo/embossed logo/laser logo/puching logo etc!

Metal Side Release Buckle

Color: Multi-colors are available!

Quick Release Buckle

Applicable Scope: Pet Collar/ Dog Collar/Dog Leash/ Harness/Bag Shoulder Strap/Belts/ Backpacks

Some buckles are slight bend, which will make your pets feeling more comfortable!

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