Different type of zipper

We have three types of zippers: Nylon Coil (Plastic) zippers, Metal zippers and Invisible Zippers. Our zippers are extremely customizable,  are top quality.

Nylon Coil (Plastic) zippers
Plastic zippers is lightest and flexible zipper. The teeth are made of coiled nylon or polyester. If you don’t want your zipper standing out, plastic zippers is a good choice for bags and pockets. Plastic zippers is the most cost-effective option.
Nylon Coil (Plastic) zippers
Metal zippers
Metal zippers have metal teeth, is incredibly long lasting durable, and are the least likely to split apart, are perfect for heavy-duty coats, jeans, bags, and leather projects. Metal zippers have different colors such as brass, gold and nickel, But it’s heavier than Plastic zippers , and the slider doesn’t move as smoothly as plastic zippers. Connect with our high quality metal zipper slider, is perfect!
metal zippers
Invisible Zippers
The teeth of an invisible zipper are on the backside of the zipper. Once it is sewn into your project, the teeth are at the back of the zip so that when you sew it in your garment, there are no teeth showing on the outside. These are used in dresses.
Here is a recommended size for you to get the size:
#3, clothing, handbags, jeans.
#5 or #7, jackets, bags, tents.
#8 or #10, large bag or trolley case.

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